PapaGhost wins the head of house back to back

PapaGhost secures his place in the finale by clinching victory in the crucial HoH challenge. This triumph holds significant weight for him, as it marks a consecutive win, a feat previously only achieved by his rival, McJunior.

PapaGhost engaged in a fierce battle for the penultimate Head of House title against Zee, whom he ultimately selected as his roommate in the HoH room, symbolizing a poignant moment for the week’s jesters. Despite having much to revel in, PapaGhost couldn’t shake off his concern about the lack of enthusiasm from the rest of the housemates. Zee swiftly reassured him, emphasizing that as a finalist, his primary focus should be on that achievement alone.
Additionally, PapaGhost resolved to prioritize winning the upcoming wager, aiming to redeem last week’s loss.

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