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PapaGhost secures his place in the finale by clinching victory in the crucial HoH challenge. This triumph holds significant weight for him, as it marks a consecutive …

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Els trying to sneak into MamaGhosts relationship?

Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, who have frequently clashed after Saturday night parties due to PapaGhost’s reluctance to dance with her, …

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MCJunior, PapaGhost, and MamaGhost (Lerato Modise) are still at odds.

Ever since MCJunior and PapaGhost clashed, tensions have simmered, with both vowing to oust each other from …

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PapaGhost and Lerato modise

PapaGhost and Lerato Modise on vacation?

During the 5th Live eviction show, the Host, Lawrence Maleka, disclosed that after Pale’s eviction, there would be one more eviction. …

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Week 4 big brother Mzansi nominations

After completing their Head of House challenge that was won by MCJunior, Biggie summoned housemates one by one in the Diary Room to cast their nominations on …

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Yolanda dying to have PapaGhost, she vows to wait for him to make a move on her.

Yolanda is patiently hoping for PapaGhost to listen to his …

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MCJunior and PapaGhost

Housemates are concerned about the outcomes of the wager performance after yesterday’s altercation .

Yesterday there was an altercation between MCJunior and PapaGhost after Fahima expressed her …

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papaGhost and lerato

Papaghost is likely to proceed his relationship with Lerato Modise even after School.

PapaGhost has consistently expressed admiration for his newfound acquaintance in the Big Brother Mzansi …

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Lerato and PapaGhost bbmzansi

Lerato modise and PapaGhost are set to have their ship sail from the shore.

Lerato Modise and PapaGhost (Zee’s parents) who have spent a significant amount of …

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papaghost profile Big Brother Mzansi

PapaGhost Profile and Biography

Full name: Sabelo Ncube
Age: 36
Occupation: Music producer

How do you move in relationships?
How I move in relationships is I am

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