Sinaye seems confused about Zee and His girlfriend outside

zinaye and zee BBMzansi

Should Sinaye be focused to Zee or stay loyal to her outside girlfriend?

Sinaye and his r0mant!c interests have been a source of inner conflict. He’s been drawn to Zee since their first encounter, yet his conscience and the chatter of social circles remind him of his commitment outside the house whenever he gets too close to her.

Makhekhe and Zee BBMzansi

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Seeking guidance, he confided in Biggie, who gently pointed out the fleeting nature of his time in the house. Sinaye heeded this advice and pursued affectionate gestures with Zee. His determination is now evident; he’s going all in.

However, their journey is far from smooth. Zee shared her uncertainties with Makhekhe, who wisely reminded her that she has the power to decide whether to stay or walk away.

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