Mpumi to Liema “You came alone, You didn’t bring Jareed in your travelling Bag”

Mpumi and Liema meeting with Jareed

Liema and Mpumi go one on one regards Jareed, Liema need to set boundaries.

If you believe you have seen enough drama this Big Brother Mzansi Season, you’re probably mistaken. S’ya Mosha’s story unfolds every day that goes by. Tonight, it was Liema, Mpumi, and Jareed, commonly referred to as the triangle. Liema had endured enough headaches from Jareed’s side game with Mpumi, and she felt it was the right time to set things straight.

Before confronting Jareed, Liema had a short meeting during the party with Lerato Modise and Pale, who advised her on how best to navigate her ship without worrying about the waves interfering in her course.

Pale said, “As a woman in a relationship, seeing what is happening, you should set boundaries.” Lerato added, “Don’t allow things just because you don’t want to seem insecure. Even if you do seem insecure, so what?”

Lerato and pale advise Liema

Pale further advised her not to let things slide, adding, “Mpumi is my friend, but I won’t condone that. It’s not cool,” to which Liema agreed. After the party, Liema confronted Jareed for a clear explanation about the game he was playing with Mpumi, expressing that she felt like a fool and hurt in the process. She suggested calling Mpumi to clear everything, and Jareed decide who he wanted to keep between her or Mpumi.


Then, she went to Mpumi and accused her of disrespecting her by being involved in what she referred to as “undercover operations” with her man Jareed, something that made Mpumi laugh disdainfully. Mpumi later agreed to join the meeting, although Jareed wasn’t happy about Liema calling the meeting, suggesting that Liema should have talked to Mpumi one-on-one, which Liema objected to.

When Liema confronted Mpumi about her undercover relationship with Jareed, wanting to know exactly what was going on between Jareed and her, Mpumi laughed and told her, “You came alone; you didn’t bring Jareed in your travel bag, I would understand. Why are you setting boundaries? He should be the one to set boundaries. Whatever is happening to you is up to you guys; I have no responsibility to save your relationship. Also, understand that I’m not disrespecting you; this is me doing what I want to do in my personal space. Address what is not okay with you with your man without having to call me. I’m old enough to do what I like.”

In reply, Liema said, “I don’t mind you guys f**king, but you shouldn’t do it undercover; do it publicly without involving me in this.”

In reply, Jareed said, “If it wasn’t for Liema, I would have been for Mpumi because I like her


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