Young Papi turns Zee defenceless -BBMZansi

zee and Young Pappi

Young Pappi and Zee seem to have upgraded their friendship although no one wants to admit it.

Whether it was a celebration of a week without either of them being nominated or the influence of Biggie’s wine, nobody knows for sure, but Zee and Young Pappi had a blast yesterday.

Despite their insistence that their bond is purely friendship, there seems to be a growing chemistry between them. If you remember, when Young Pappi mentioned k!ss!ng Liema, Zee reacted strongly, indicating possible jealousy. Zee’s behavior, such as avoiding Young Pappi for days afterward, suggests deeper feelings.

In yesterday’s nominations, Zee nominated Liema, citing untidiness and laziness, though viewers suspect it was influenced by the tense situation with Pappi.

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As always the two had their time together, but yesterday it was a bit more than the usual.


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