Is Els trying to take MamaGhost’s place?

Els trying to sneak into MamaGhosts relationship?

Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, who have frequently clashed after Saturday night parties due to PapaGhost’s reluctance to dance with her, surprised everyone by spending a significant amount of time together tonight. PapaGhost, buoyed by the recognition for his outstanding writing of the horror film wager presentation, was in high spirits.

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The atmosphere turned romantic as they shared a kiss while Lerato congratulated him, and they carried this affectionate energy with them to the pool party. The question now is whether they will maintain this newfound closeness at the upcoming Saturday night party.

PapaGhost and MamaGhost

On numerous occasions, Els has been seen in the company of PapaGhost, particularly during or after Saturday Night Parties, leading to speculation about the nature of their relationship. However, Els previously confided in Biggie during a diary session, revealing that she enjoys disrupting ships. This statement suggests that her interactions with PapaGhost may be more about stirring things up rather than romantic involvement.

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