MCJunior: “I wasn’t in love with Fahima, I have a girlfriend outside”

McJuniorand Fahima

MCJunior doesn’t believe that Fahima used him as a pawn, but Fahima tells Lawrence that he misses MCJ.

MCJunior was taken aback to discover that Fahima, whom he viewed as both a housemate and ally, was actually working as Biggie’s agent, undertaking covert missions in the house. This revelation came to light after the live eviction show when Host Lawrence disclosed the true identities of both Neo and Fahima as disruptors strategically placed in the Big Brother Mzansi house to sow discord and execute Biggie’s clandestine tasks.

In conversation with Taki, another former disruptor who transitioned into a housemate, MCJunior questioned Fahima’s motives in targeting the quietest person in the house and pondered her intentions.

McJunior thinking of Fahima

Taki probed further, asking if MCJunior believed Fahima truly cared for him.

MCJunior responded, “That’s what I thought, she seemed to understand me and kept me grounded.”

He went on to explain that he harbored no ill feelings towards her because he had a girlfriend outside the house. “I’m already committed elsewhere,” he clarified. “I wasn’t deeply in love with her, but she saw beyond the surface, she saw me as a person, and that’s why losing her stings.”

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Taki then questioned why Fahima singled out MCJunior instead of choosing someone more vocal in the house.

Even MCJunior couldn’t comprehend why she targeted one of the quietest housemates.

Unbeknownst to MCJunior, during the disruptor eviction, Fahima expressed to Host Lawrence what she would miss most in the Big Brother Mzansi house now that she was leaving, stating that she would miss MCJunior because they had formed a strong bond.

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