Has Jareed officially declared his Polygamous Journey?

jareed polygamous journey with liema and Mpumi

Jareed seems to have made his polygamous journey formal.

After yesterday’s pool party, it appears that Jareed has publicly acknowledged his decision to pursue a polygamous journey. Both Liema and Mpumi, whom he considers his partners, seem to be in agreement with this arrangement.

Thursdays often bring about dramatic situations, particularly involving the trio of Liema, Mpumi, and Jareed (with Els currently excluded due to trust issues).

Jareed expressed his struggle in choosing between Liema and Mpumi, as they each fulfil different aspects of his life.

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Moving on to the events of yesterday, after their private moments in the bathrum, the trio decided to share a bed. Mpumi suggested they all sleep together, a proposal that was accepted without hesitation. Jareed slept between Liema and Mpumi.

Whether alcohol influenced this situation is uncertain, only time will tell.



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