Housemates marked one month anniversary in the house

Housemates honor their anniversary

It’s already One month since the housemates entered Biggie’s House.

The housemates marked the anniversary of their arrival in the S’ya Mosha house.

To honor their anniversary, the housemates devised a detailed plan to don the outfits they wore upon arrival and discuss their initial impressions of each other. With the exception of Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, the rest of the housemates unanimously embraced the idea, adorning themselves in their original attire. The reflections on their initial perceptions commenced with Makhekhe and concluded with PapaGhost.

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Certain recurring themes emerged regarding specific housemates, reflecting the initial impressions they made upon arrival. Makhekhe, for instance, was perceived as a heavy drinker by several housemates, whereas Willy was labeled as a ‘blesser’ who appeared out of place in the house. Many anticipated Lerato Modise to be stubborn or aloof, while Zee was expected to exhibit a mean-spirited demeanor.

Amidst these events, McJunior excused himself from the company of the housemates to seek solace in the closet. The reason for his withdrawal remains unclear, but it’s possible he felt overwhelmed by emotions stemming from his initial experiences in the house. Additionally, reflecting on their first moments likely stirred memories of his friend Fahima, potentially evoking strong emotions and prompting him to seek solitude to process his feelings.

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