Day 11: Housemates win their first wager task

wager task presentation

The current week’s Wager task, named Country of Colour, witnessed the housemates convene daily and put in relentless effort to devise a presentation symbolizing the Mzansi they inhabit—a nation known for embracing diversity. However, reaching their victorious performance was far from a seamless journey. They had to navigate through hunger, various tasks, and numerous underlying conflicts along the way.

This week, the housemates staked 80% of their weekly allowance, and as a result of their victory, they will receive an additional 20% accumulated from the previous week—an undoubtedly well-earned reward for their week-long display of hard work. The housemates epitomized creativity and innovation through their distinctive fashion show collections, seamlessly blending traditional multicultural attire with a contemporary fashion flair. They presented their creations alongside historical narrations delving into the cultures that inspired them, concluding their performance with a captivating ensemble piece that seamlessly combined traditional dance with current dance trends, complemented by fitting music.

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This house truly showcased its personality,” declared Biggie as he delivered his verdict. He praised the housemates for the unity and dedication they displayed during their preparations. The positive announcements didn’t end there. Big Brother revealed the champions of the Dance Challenge, sparking an exuberant celebration from the Orange Team.

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