Mpumi : Jareed is lying about relationship with Liema

After the party, Makhekhe and Mpumi engaged in playful banter as she sat on his bed, giving it a test-drive. Speaking in her best 012 accent, Mpumi expressed interest in Makhekhe, who reciprocated by saying, “I want you.” Makhekhe continued to sing Mpumi’s praises while fully embracing his character.

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Later, Mpumi had another conversation with Jareed and Liema, where she inquired if Jareed’s focus was solely on Liema and no one else.


She posed more questions, with Liema observing the exchange. Mpumi also asked Jareed if he would be tempted outside the house, ensuring that Liema didn’t find herself in a similar situation to the one she’s currently experiencing in the house

Video of Mpumi telling Jareed that he’s lying about Liema

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