Will the housemates win the Wager presentation?

Team red wins the wager presentation

Housemates in put final icing ahead of their wager presentation.

Today is the crucial day for the housemates to demonstrate to Biggie whether they merit the 80% wager, despite the prevailing disunity among them.

Following the eviction of Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, the atmosphere in the house shifted to one of unity, with residents singing ‘kumbaya’ and sharing meals together. However, the return of the ousted pair has reignited tension, particularly as their comeback is accompanied by a mission to sow discord. Within just 48 hours of their reappearance, PapaGhost has initiated a scheme, attempting to enlist and manipulate unsuspecting housemates.

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If the rehearsal for the wager presentation in the arena is any indication, the housemates are in for a challenging evening.

Throughout the afternoon, McJunior appeared troubled, particularly after expressing his discontent with the return of the cabin crew. Additionally, he had nominated both Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, with whom he shares a strained relationship. Observers have noticed him isolating himself more than usual, even abstaining from yesterday’s anniversary celebrations. Lerato Modise is part of his team, and earlier in the day, she confided in PapaGhost about feeling uncertain about the task, although she appreciates her “goofy” team members.

Team red wins the wager presentation


During their performance, his team forgot to present their mascot, and the following team was uncertain about how to handle theirs. Young Pappi voiced his desire for a more intense war cry, emphasizing the need for unity despite individual desires.

Although it’s often said there’s no “I” in “team,” they pressed on with refining their war cry outside the arena. Head of House Taki provided words of encouragement during rehearsal, urging them to fully commit and push themselves. With only a few hours remaining until their performance, each team will have 15 minutes to showcase their efforts.


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