Lerato Modise predicts that ship drama is about to go down.

Lerato said ships will scatter

Lerato Modise foresaw “a lot of promiscuity in the house.”

One can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief that last night’s party and k!ssing antics didn’t result in the breakdown of any relationships in the house.

Apart from Liema’s behavior, which earned her a strike, there’s a rumor circulating that PapaGhost and Els had a disagreement in bed.

Mich and Yolanda discussed the incident in the garden today, with Mich revealing he was tasked with spreading the rumor.

“I can do it,” Yolanda enthusiastically shared. She went on to mention that she enjoys gossiping with Mich but avoids doing it with Chuenzaaa because “he acts like Mother Theresa.”

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Makhekhe transitioned from sharing his future aspirations with Yolanda to gossiping about her with PapaGhost, who warned him about her. Makhekhe informed Yolanda that he sees her as his future wife.

While she acknowledged that there might be potential, she mentioned he wasn’t her usual type. Makhekhe then delved into discussions about other relationships in the house, claiming that Yolanda wanted to k!ss him when she was intoxicated, but he declined, suggesting she should k!ss him when both were sober.

Lerato Modise soon joined Makhekhe and PapaGhost, continuing to exchange perspectives on housemates like Zee and the dynamics of her relationships with Sinaye and YoungPappi. Lerato Modise foresaw “a lot of promiscuity in the house.”

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