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willy Arena games winner

Willy Joins the 5K rand gang after winning tonight’s Arena games.

After four rounds of Hey Sushi, Willy emerged victorious, completing the challenge in 1:18. McJunior secured the second spot with a time of 1:19.

Unfortunately, the majority of the housemates were disqualified for breaking the game rules, and both Disruptor Neo and Lerato Modise were unable to complete the games on time.

arena games

Team 2 in the cook-off challenge learned of their victory after the completion of the Arena Games. Their “sweet and decadent treat,” a cake, awaited them in the storeroom.

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They promptly attended to the cake, with Pale taking charge of cutting it for the Team 2 housemates. Liema expressed a desire for everyone to get a piece, but unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. Chuenzaaa lingered nearby and managed to sneak a small bite to taste since he wasn’t part of Team 2.

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