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Liema issued with a strike

Biggie has issued a strike to Liema for non-compliance of his rules.

Following a guilty verdict for violating Big Brother’s rules, Liema received a strike from Big Brother. The housemates convened in the lounge after being summoned by Biggie, during which Liema was informed about the specific rules she had breached.

In his address to the housemates, Big Brother emphasized the significance of Article 16 from the rule book, which explicitly states that “any housemate who becomes physically violent will be removed from the house immediately.” The definition of violence, as outlined in the rule, includes both self-inflicted harm and aggression towards fellow housemates. Additionally, the rule book outlines other offences such as “provocation, goading, bullying, and victimisation,” cautioning that these violations may be subject to punitive measures determined at Big Brother’s discretion.

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Liema was charged with threatening violence and using offensive language, leading to the issuance of a strike. It is crucial to note that if she accumulates two more strikes, it would lead to her disqualification from the game, aligning with the stipulated consequences for repeated violations within the Big Brother house.

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  1. Evelyn Miya
    March 4, 2024

    Morning Biggie
    Please release Mc Junior his not happy, he wants to go home his bored.

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