Mpumi to Liema “ it’s just lust, I don’t have deep feelings for your man”

Liema and Mpumi talking about jareed

Liema and Mpumi meet again

It seems that Liema is determined to pursue what she believes rightfully belongs to her: Jareed. Once again, Liema and Mpumi met to address the issues surrounding the relationship triangle involving Jareed.

While it remains unclear whether Liema’s intentions toward Jareed stem from love, revenge, or strategy, the decision ultimately lies with her.

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Mpumi candidly informed Liema that while she does have feelings for Jareed, they do not run deep; it’s more about attraction and seeking someone to connect with in the house. Beyond that, there isn’t much more to it.

The two are however fretting over housemates picking sides, whether it’s Jareed-Liema or Jareed-Mpumi, within their circles.


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