What you missed when housemates gathered for speed date

Housemates gathered for a speed date session, itching questions were addressed

With just a day remaining until Valentine’s Day, Biggie organized a speed dating session for the S’ya Mosha housemates. This was their chance to clear any doubts before selecting their Valentine’s partners. Each housemate had three minutes to ask burning questions on rotation, and they didn’t hold back.

Big brother Mzansi speed dating

Chuenzaaa, known for his assertiveness, expressed his disdain for tardiness, emphasizing his appreciation for punctuality and efficiency. Meanwhile, Sinaye chose to use flattery, complimenting his date’s appearance and highlighting his intolerance for disrespect.

Els during a speed dating

During his date with Lerato Modise, Mich was transparent about his dislike for insincere individuals, conveying his discomfort towards inauthenticity. The speed dating session provided a platform for housemates to reveal their values and preferences, setting the stage for potential Valentine’s connections.

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PapaGhost, while acknowledging Yolanda’s physical beauty, expressed that he would develop a crush on her in a different setting outside the house, citing her lack of consideration for the bigger picture as a deterrent. This conversation arose after Yolanda directly asked him if he harbored feelings for her. Despite Yolanda interpreting certain signs as indicators of PapaGhost’s affection towards her, he clarified his stance on their relationship dynamics within the house.

Willy hinted at his preference for adventurous and shared activities with a partner. Young Pappi delved into romantic gestures, recalling a past expression of affection and envisioning a romantic getaway to Paris with Meelay while emphasizing his intention to be a gentleman.

Taki, navigating emotional complexities, shared his vulnerability and passion for introspective pursuits such as podcasts. Many of the ladies praised his date as one of the best, with Yolanda complimenting him for his authenticity.

Makhekhe’s probing question to Pale revealed her tendency to maintain emotional distance, reflecting on her readiness to end relationships. Meanwhile, PapaGhost engaged in flirtatious banter with Meelay, expressing his fondness for affectionate gestures like having his hair played with and his desire for a committed future.


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