Sinaye wins the Friday Night Arena Games

Congratulations to Sinaye for joining the prestigious 5k Rands gang!

Housemates gathered in the Arena for the Lotto Star Friday Night Arena games, as per their weekly tradition. This Friday, they faced a four-stage challenge, which included navigating a maze to collect two gold coins, followed by a dart-throwing challenge dubbed “Kill the Dragon.”

Upon successful completion of the dart challenge, contestants proceeded to stage three, where they had to use a fishing rod to retrieve a key needed to unlock a box in stage four. If the key obtained was incorrect, they had to fish again until they found the right one. Finally, in stage four, they had to retrieve two gold coins from the box.

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Willy, the Head of the House, kicked off the game, with MCJunior being the last to participate. In the end, Sinaye emerged victorious, completing the four-course challenge in an impressive 51 seconds. He faced tough competition from Meelay, who finished just 1 second behind at 52 seconds, and Lerato Modise, who completed the challenge in 59 seconds.


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