BBMzansi Day 4: Personalities are clashing and emotions are high.

bbmzansi day 4, pale and Mpumi

It’s only BBMZansi Day 4 but housemates are already getting divided.

Its BBMZansi Day 4 but tension is slowly brewing in the Big Brother Mzansi house. Where housemates are meant to be uniting ahead of their wager presentation tonight, it seems their creativity is driving them apart resulting in a house divided. With 23 housemates in one house, personality clashes are to be expected, and to clash they are. The day has been filled with housemates venting about each other to their chosen confidants, and their individual grievances have been saucy.

BravoB and Makhekhe wasted no time after the morning’s training session when they shared their analyis of the gents in the house. Makhekhe has clocked the inauthenticity so some housemates, especially one over others. That being Sinaye. For him, Sinaye came into the house with a fiery energy which has fast died down. If S’ya Mosha is the name of the game, he is far from it.

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Strong personalities occupy the house and strong opinions have been the root of all tensions throughout the week, and these filter into the wager preparations. While others have managed to squash the beef amicably, others are creating it. Yolanda  has come under smoke a few times for not reading the room, and Mpumi had to call out again mid rehearsals.

While Mpumi’s authority drove focus into the rehearsals, her delivery was appreciated only by some and rubbed others off the wrong way, Pale being one of them. Pale is a lady with things to do and rehearsing all day, under Mpumi’s rule is not all that’s on her to-do list. The wheel is quick to turn around in the house because the very Mpumi who aggrieved Pale was also her confidant when they gisted about HoH Mich’s side comments. “It just lost me when it got personal,” says Pale after HoH Mich came for her and her office job, overtly suggesting that people must pull up their socks because he does not have something to fall back on.

Although tensions are high, there seems to be a unanimous choice to choose peace and not vayolence because the housemates have been circling around their issues and shying away from conflict. Perhaps they are opting for a united front in efforts to keep a calm environment before their very first wager presentation in the house. Little do they know, Biggie has been cooking up some disruption, and more is coming their way tonight.


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