VIDEO: Els and Jareed have some in the toilet

Jareed is about to navigate from a trio,  to a square

The name Jareed has become the hot topic on social media after his interactions with three ladies in the house. Just as Mpumi and Liema were attempting to navigate the fallout, Jareed introduced Els, whom he had previously k**ssed in the lounge.

In the late hours, Jareed and Els retreated to Biggie’s toilet, but he accused her of being unable to keep secrets.

He expressed, “You don’t know how to keep a secret, which is why I hesitate to f*** with you,” prompting Els to question why she should be kept a secret. “Why am I being kept secret?” She inquired.

Jareed explained that it had to be that way and asked if she would prefer to make their relationship public, to which Els responded that she understood it was his preference. “It’s what you want,” Els acknowledged.

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Jareed mentioned that Liema was currently dealing with Mpumi and wouldn’t want to complicate things further, leading Els to wonder if they were still involved. “I thought you two had broken up?” She asked.

Jareed replied, “She’s going through a lot right now, which is why I’m protecting her.”


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