Jareed’s wondering eye may land him in hot soup

jareed, Els and Mpumi

Jareed tendency to have a “wandering eye” consistently puts him in awkward situations with the women he is interested in. Lawrence brought this matter into the public eye during Sunday’s Live Eviction Show, exposing Jareed’s intentions and causing Liema to harbor feelings of distrust.

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Liema did express her apprehension about trusting Jareed, but he swiftly demonstrated that this house operates like a game before she could even spell “trust.” Jareed confirmed the suspicions by directing his infamous wandering eye towards Mpumi, who reciprocated the attention. The two candidly shared their mutual feelings, with Jareed mentioning that she was perplexing him. However, Mpumi straightforwardly clarified that she’s not the one caught in between relationships and, in fact, is puzzled by his reluctance to openly declare his intentions.

One thing certain in Big Brother’s house is that it’s a game, and Jareed is undoubtedly a player, even if he’s hesitant to acknowledge it openly. His modus operandi involves eliminating any suspicion tied to his actions and ensuring he provides reassurance of his genuine intentions. However, his moral dilemma, regardless of his approach, holds him back. Jareed carries a weight on his chest, but he struggles to articulate it, insisting that Mpumi understands his feelings. This leaves Mpumi questioning, “Who is confusing whom?”

In this game, there’s no room for confusion, and Liema made it explicitly clear to Jareed that she’s done with their situation. In response, he took off with it, engaging in a k!ss!ng spree with Els and Mpumi right in front of her.



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