Day 10: Liema unsure of how to breakup with Jareed

Jareed and Liema bbmzansi

The potential downturn of Jareed and Liema’s relationship.

After a week and a day confined within the Big Brother Mzansi house, instead of reflecting on home, the housemates are engrossed in each other’s gossip. The predominant subject of discussion? The potential downturn of Jareed and Liema’s relationship, which seems imminent given the current trajectory.

The commotion kicked off during Lawrence Maleka’s live show crossover question to Mpumi, inquiring about a guy in the house who seems unable to avert his gaze. Mpumi suspected Jareed of eyeing her and even presented him with an ultimatum that evening—to choose between Liema and herself. This instantly sparked doubt in Liema’s mind, leading her to give Jareed skeptical glances. She confided in Sinaye, divulging that she has lost trust in Jareed.

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Liema found herself unsure of how to put the brakes on her relationship with Jareed. Eventually, she cornered him in the garden, with Els, Mpumi, and Pale playfully dubbing it “Liema’s court.” Following this encounter, they offered Jareed words of encouragement, advising him to assert his independence and not succumb to the pressure of committing to just one girl. Essentially, they echoed the sentiments shared by some other male residents in the house: Jareed’s confidence has waned due to this relationship.

Adding to the complexity, Els contributed to the tension by flirting with Jareed, catching Liema’s watchful eye. When confronted, Jareed dismissed any concerns, claiming they were just on good terms. Later, Jareed attempted to justify his actions to Liema, stating that he can’t shut down fellow housemates who express interest in him, as it’s all part of the game.

Jareed and Liema

To escalate matters, the duo decided to k!ss in the kitchen, defiantly challenging skeptics. Undoubtedly, it’s a strategic move for them in the game, but it’s only the second week, and their relationship is already weathering a storm of rumors and suspicion.

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