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This week’s nominations are in.

In the ongoing game, one housemate secures immunity from potential eviction by winning the Head of House games, and this week’s fortunate recipient is Disruptor Neo.

The housemates convened in the arena for a nostalgic journey, aiming to crown the most “childish” player as the Head of House for the week. Engaging their inner child, they competed in Diketo, Disruptor Neo, PapaGhost, Sinaye, and Yolanda advanced to the second round, where they faced off in a game of Intonga.

Eventually, Disruptor Neo and Sinaye reached the final round, contending in the Province Puzzle, a challenge requiring them to complete a puzzle of South African provinces in the fastest time. Emerging as the graceful winner was Disruptor Neo.

As the Head of House, Neo gains immunity from nominations and potential eviction, a crucial privilege reserved for the occupant of this role.

McJunior was randomly selected as her companion, and together, they will enjoy the privileges of the Head of House bedroom.

With hungry housemates filling the Big Brother Mzansi house, Disruptor Neo faces the responsibility of leading and will carry the expectations of the house on her shoulders.

The question looms: will the reliable Disruptor guide them to a triumphant wager win?

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The housemates convened in the lounge for what unfolded as personal nominations with a unique twist.

Normally, Disruptors’ nominations are considered null and void, and this rule typically applies to Disruptor Neo as well. However, tonight presented an exception.

In her role as the new Head of House, Disruptor Neo was given the authority to save and replace, and she decided to spare McJunior from nominations, opting to replace him with Zee.

The final list of nominations, as officially confirmed by Biggie, includes Lerato Modise, Mpumi, PapaGhost, Sammy_M, and Zee.

Here is how the housemates nominated:

Housemate Nomination 1 Nomination 2
Chuenzaaa Sammy_M Meelay
Els PapaGhost Mpumi
Jareed Makhekhe McJunior
Lerato Modise Mpumi Jareed
Liema Mpumi Disruptor Famima*
Makhekhe Sinaye Liema
McJunior Willy PapaGhost
Meelay Disruptor Taki* McJunior
Mich Lerato Modise Disruptor Famima*
Mpumi Liema Meelay
Pale PapaGhost Lerato Modise
PapaGhost Yolanda Sammy_M
Sammy_M Willy Disruptor Famima*
Sinaye Makhekhe McJunior
Willy McJunior Pale
Yolanda Lerator Modise McJunior
Young Pappi McJunior Sammy_M
Zee PapaGhost Yolanda
*Disruptor Fahima Liema Els
*Disruptor Neo PapaGhost Liema
*Disruptor Taki  Yolanda PapaGhost
End BBMZANSI week 2 poll: Who are you saving?
  • PapaGhost
    Already Voted
    20% 46/ 223
  • Zee
    Already Voted
    36% 81/ 223
  • Lerato Modise
    Already Voted
    13% 29/ 223
  • Mpumi
    Already Voted
    19% 43/ 223
  • Sammy_M
    Already Voted
    10% 24/ 223
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