Yolanda pours alcohol to Liema – BBMZANSI

Yolanda and Liema got into fight.

Yesterday, tensions escalated in Biggie’s house as former friends Liema and Yolanda found themselves at odds.
As part of their daily routine, housemates share chores, including cooking tasks assigned to groups. Liema took charge of cooking for the day.

According to Liema, she accused her of delaying the meat preparation, leading to a heated exchange. Yolanda proposed making her own food, prompting her to question whether she should continue cooking. This sparked further conflict between them.

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After serving the food, she offered her a taste, but Yoli remained upset. When Liema attempted to discuss the matter, she criticized her, leading to a confrontation. Yoli made disparaging remarks about her relationship with Jareed and the toilet sessions, which Liema rebutted. This escalated into Yolanda pouring alcohol downstairs where she was seated. Head of House Mpumi and other housemates intervened to defuse the situation.


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