Sinaye Has a mission to initiate flings on targeted housemates

Sinaye BBMzansi

Big Brother set the tone for the housemates’ Saturday with morning music, elevating their spirits. Even after the music stopped, Liema and Chuenzaaa maintained the dance vibe, signaling the house’s eagerness to party. As they learned about the theme for the night (what they wanted to be when they grow up) and prepared for the evening, Sinaye and Liema engaged in a conversation about ships and strategies while doing the dishes.

During this chat, Liema confided in Sinaye about her feelings for Jareed. In turn, Sinaye shared his “toxic” plans, which he admitted might not come to fruition. He expressed a desire to initiate some flings in the house and then leave them hanging. Given his current focus on an external relationship, this revelation came unexpectedly. When Liema suggested potential targets like Zee, Yolanda, or Fahima, he rejected all three.

sinaye bbmzansi

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However, his plans were set in motion when he was spotted chatting Fahima up in the party rom, and they eventually danced together. The two were cozy in that party room.

Just when it seemed like Sinaye had picked his companion for the evening, he surprised everyone by moving and dancing with Zee. When Liema proposed the idea of starting a fling with Zee, Sinaye declined, citing his respect for YoungPappi’s evident interest in Zee. YoungPappi’s attraction to Zee has been quite noticeable, and Sinaye opted to honor that commitment. However, the question remains whether he can maintain this loyalty or if he’ll eventually choose to play the game.

Party time!

Biggie treated the housemates to various career uniforms, featuring pilots, a police officer, a soccer player, doctors, a beauty queen, a judge, an astronaut, a president, and presenters, among others.

Pale mainly stuck to the couch throughout the night, occasionally joining in the dancing. Meanwhile, Sammy_M, Chuenzaaa, Mich, Makhekhe, Meelay, and Liema dominated the dance floor. Even the beauty queen, Els, showcased her moves with the ‘get down.’ Officer McJunior surprised fans by joining the dance floor vibe.

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