Big Brother Mzansi Top five craziest and funniest moments

In this season of Big Brother Mzansi, there has been a lot to laugh about.

Today we take a look at the top five craziest and funniest moments from the Big Brother Mzansi show.

Gash1 lets rip

Why be with a partner when you can have a fart-ner?!

Remember when Gash1 let out a toot in front of Thato? After smelling it, she asked him if he had farted and without hesitation Gash1 said yes. He later added that it didn’t smell even though Thato confirmed that it did. After this one toot, many toots came our way.



Cake fight

Who can still remember Zino’s birthday cake drama? The cake caused all the drama we didn’t see coming. It all started when B.U took a slice, although he’s vegan. He gave the slice to Venus which caused friction with the Housemates. Norman was just not having it and he confronted B.U head on. Wait for it, a physical fight almost broke out over a cake! Mzansi couldn’t stop laughing at this crazy situation. Disclaimer: no punches were thrown.

big brother mzansi prank

The big prank

Who can forget the time when Mphowabadimo decided it was high time to prank some of the other Housemates. Speaking to Terry, they decided (along with Thato and Gash1) that they would plant a condom (in plentiful supply in the Big Brother Mzansi House) in the bathroom. For a bit of added verité, they would partially fill it with some lotion. Deciding they needed to escalate, Mphowabadimo and Terry staged a fight in the upstairs bedroom – throwing themselves down onto the ground and stamping on the floor – to give the impression that things had taken a turn for the worse.

Themba crawling in diapers

Not so long ago Themba had to serve a punishment for breaking the microphone rules. He had to crawl like a baby, yes, like a baby and was allowed to stand up only to go to the toilet. Biggie provided a diaper, a dummy, a baby hat and a bib for the big baby to wear. He was also instructed to drink his beverage out of a baby bottle. Themba was allowed to only sit on the floor, and not a chair. Viewers were left in stitches and so were we.

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Tulz falls off the chair

While fast asleep in the sun, Tulz’s chair broke causing him to come tumbling down like a sack of potatoes. The hilarious moment went viral, okay we’re just kidding, the moment didn’t go viral, but it might as well have.

We are not sure what caused the chair to break. One minute Tulz was napping and next he was on the floor looking confused. Disclaimer: no one was injured.

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