Housemates Navigate choppy waters as Lawrence shakes the tables

MCJunior wen Lawrence was shaking tables

Lawrence Maleka had a few tables to shake tonight, causing some individuals to stumble momentarily.

The Sunday Live Eviction show typically includes twists, evictions, and shaking tables that stir up drama among the housemates. Although tonight’s episode was announced as a non-eviction show beforehand, the fake nominees were unaware of this and anxiously awaited Biggie’s decision. Makhekhe was relieved to be announced as safe first, celebrating loudly with energetic runs and jumps around the house. When the rest of the housemates learned it was a non-eviction week, they rejoiced together.

Before the this, Lawrence had some tables to shake. He began with PapaGhost, questioning the authenticity of his and MamaGhost’s actions. PapaGhost mentioned feeling unloved while observing interactions from the secret cabin, noting a sense of betrayal among the housemates.

PapaGhost when Lawrence was shaking tables

He proceeded to inquire with Zee for a commentary regarding the dynamic between the friendship of Yolanda and Mich—particularly on the topic of leadership and obedience. In response, Zee remarked, “Their roles fluctuate. At times, Mich takes the lead, and at other times, it’s Yolanda, but I believe Mich holds the primary influence.” In response to this, Lawrence interjected, “It’s evident that someone is stirring the pot with their remarks.”.  Mich denied any instigation, asserting their ability to handle conflicts confidently.

mich wen Lawrence was shaking tables

zee wen Lawrence was shaking tables

Next, Lawrence turned to Taki and inquired about why he informed Sinaye that Zee is someone to be wary of. Taki responded by explaining that Zee maintains friendly relations with nearly everyone in the house, indicating that she may not have conflicts with anyone. Therefore, his statement to Sinaye was more of a strategic assessment.

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Taki wen Lawrence was shaking tables

He then approached MCJunior and queried why he informed Taki that Makhekhe is a spineless liar who ingratiates himself with the Parents (PapaGhost and Lerato Modise), while Sinaye also divulges conversations he overhears from other housemates to Taki. He pondered why they perceive Sinaye as loyal and Makhekhe as submissive, even though they all engage in similar behaviors. In response, MCJunior admitted he was not well-versed in the Sinaye situation but regarding Makhekhe, he believed Makhekhe lacked assertiveness and was overly deferential to the parents. MCJunior felt Makhekhe needed to assert himself more and earn respect from other housemates. When asked to elaborate on the accusation of lying, MCJunior struggled to articulate his defense, indicating discomfort with the accusations.

Sinaye wen Lawrence was shaking tables

Lastly, Willy clarified the origin of the awards ceremony idea, initially attributed to PapaGhost. Lawrence questioned Willy’s claim of authorship, prompting Willy to explain his intention to acknowledge the collective effort behind the concept.

willy wen Lawrence was shaking tables

The session left many housemates tense, with only a few navigating Lawrence’s probing questions unscathed.

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