Four BBMzansi S’ya Mosha housemates shown the gate

Chuenzaaa, Meelay, Mich, and Taki faced a shocking eviction from the S’ya Mosha house, leaving the remaining contestants stunned.

The live show kicked off with Lawrence Maleka taking the stage, and within minutes, the fate of the housemates was revealed. McJunior and Zee were declared safe, but Meelay was the first to bid farewell to the house. During her exit interview, Meelay confessed to feeling overwhelmed by the dynamics in the house, particularly the types of conversations being had.

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Following Meelay’s departure, attention turned to Taki, who transitioned from disruptor to full-fledged housemate. Onstage, Taki opened up about his genuine feelings for Neo, another former disruptor, expressing his willingness to explore a connection with her beyond the confines of the house.

Chuenzaaa was the third contestant to bid farewell, followed by a visibly stunned Mich as the last to exit. Mich’s departure left Yolanda in tears, while the rest of the housemates watched in disbelief.

Yolanda shocked by Mich’s eviction

During his exit interview with Lawrence, Chuenzaaa reflected on his approach in the house, emphasising that he took each day as it came without seeking out gossip. Meanwhile, Mich expressed his shock at being evicted, acknowledging the unexpected turn of events.

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