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Pale has skillfully dedicated her time in the house to gathering scoop and serving piping hot tea to any open ear, with her key ingredient being PapaGhost.  While some of the girls set their sights on the boys for shipping, Pale’s focus is solely on one man for gossip purposes, nothing more.

Today’s gossip revolved around PapaGhost allegedly making a distasteful move on Els last night in the absence of Lerato Modise. Els recounted an encounter that left her upset at PapaGhost after he apparently made s3xu*al advances on her. This story, however, was not kept in confidence as Pale promptly spilled all the details to Disruptors Fahima and Taki.

PapaGhost first caught Pale’s radar in week one when he took an alleged jab at her during one of the wager rehearsals, stating that he doesn’t have an office job to return to, a topic Pale frequently discusses. Since then, she has been vocal about her disdain for him and, in her opinion, his inability to be a team player. Despite this, it seems PapaGhost hasn’t left too bitter a taste in Pale’s mouth, allowing room for a smidge of sweetness. Earlier in the week, she spoke to Yolanda about his positive qualities, which was, however, overshadowed by their perception of him as overbearing and rigid, especially during the week’s wager rehearsals where they ultimately won. PapaGhost’s stoic expression of happiness during the victory did not go unnoticed by Pale.

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Saturday Night Party

Saturday night party


Saturday night party

Despite being the unofficial confidante of the housemates, Pale is not always immersed in other people’s business. When she’s not serving tea, she’s lighting up the Saturday Night Party with the rest of the housemates.

Tonight’s party, with DJ Stopper rocking a mix of Kwaito and Amapiano, was lit from start to finish, featuring a kaleidoscope theme that saw housemates draped in fine designer pieces, adding even more color to the lively dance floor.

The party might come to an end, but Pale’s purpose never wavers. She resumed her gossip duties upon their return from the party room, ensuring that wherever she is, you can always count on receiving unfiltered

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