Willy wins the Head of House title for this week – BBMzansi

Willy outshines PapaGhost to seize the Head of House title for the week.

In a heated battle for the Head of House position, Willy emerged triumphant after a rigorous four-round challenge.

All housemates, excluding PapaGhost who secured victory in yesterday’s endurance challenge and was exempt from the initial three rounds, participated in the competition.

The first round, dubbed ‘popping in sleeping bag,’ required contestants to swiftly enter a sleeping bag and pop up to the finish line. Young Pappi, Willy, MCJunior, Meelay, Els, and Mpumi advanced to the second round.

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Round two, named ‘stamped,’ tasked housemates with hopping while balancing an egg on a spoon and ensuring both feet touched areas marked with stamps in the shortest time possible. Willy completed the challenge in 11 seconds, while MCJunior finished in 13 seconds, advancing them to round three.

Round three, titled “pitch the tent,” demanded contestants to pitch a tent from scratch, with the fastest finisher progressing to the final round. Willy surpassed MCJunior, securing a spot in the finals against PapaGhost.

The ultimate round tested contestants’ general knowledge with a series of questions. Willy aced all four questions, clinching victory, while PapaGhost stumbled on the final question.



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